Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead

Full Time
Posted 4 months ago

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead

Location : Delhi

Special Skills Required:

Experience in Angular JS/ReactJS/Advanced Java Scripts
(OOPS), HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Bootstrap.
• Experience in at least one popular web framework (jQuery,
Spring MVC).
• Good Knowledge of frontend geospatial libraries such as
Leaflet, Mapbox etc.
• Good knowledge of Geoserver, PostgreSQL and Postgis
• Experience in open source GIS framework such as QGIS,
OpenGL etc.
• Understanding of machine learning techniques and
algorithms, such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision
Forests, etc.
• Hands on Experience of Machine Learning Libraries based
on Python, Java, Scala etc.
• Good applied statistics skills, such as distributions,
statistical testing, regression etc.

Tasks to be performed

Front end Web Application Development
• Data management, analysis and visualisation
• Ingestion from various Sources for Analysis, correlation and Machine Learning capabilities.

Job Features

CompensationUpto 10 Lacs

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